October 9, 2015 TWG Recap (Draft)

October 9, 2015 – Draft

TWG Meeting Recap
Chase Bank Building
333 West Hampden Ave., Englewood, CO 80110

Next TWG Meeting:
8:00 – 9:00 AM, Friday, January 8, 2016
Prior to CWWCA Annual Conference
Crowne Plaza, DIA, Denver, CO
15500 East 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239

Moderator: Eugene Wagner
Moderator for the Next Meeting: Fred Baros


Eugene Wagner, David Wilson, Robert Cockerham, Mike Weidorn, Keith Branstetter, Fred Baros, Doug Stephenson, Jeff Appel, Bryan Beckner, Brad Himes, Bruce Heir, Andy Horn, Joe Meigs, Dan Niemela

DWR Report:

Well permit activity is similar to 2014. A summary is provided below.

October 9, 2015 TWG Recap (Draft) - table

The DWR and BOE have nearly completed a second draft of the revised Water Well Construction Rules and will post that draft to the BOE website when it is available. The final draft is scheduled to be complete near beginning of 2016 with a hearing proposed in March 2016. The BOE is not planning to require notice or permitting for cistern installation.

Evidence is needed for the BOE to make an accusation of unlicensed cistern installation. The best type of evidence is an invoice for service. Otherwise, photos of the unlicensed contractor completing the installation may suffice.

CDPHE Discharge Permits:

At the October 2015 BOE meeting, Andrew Ross of the CDPHE reported that responsibility for discharge permitting may be transitioned to the DWR. Thom Hanna reported that the CDPHE pool discharge guidelines could provide a model for well discharge guidelines. Discussions regarding the CDPHE discharge permits for well discharge during drilling, testing, development and cleaning is more-or-less in a holding pattern.

Well Construction Rules

Approximately 20 comments were provided regarding the first draft of the revised Water Well Construction Rules. The BOE has not decided whether additional stakeholder meetings will be held.

Well Inspection Program

Dick Brown, CWWCA’s lobbyist has been active ahead of the legislative session. The CWWCA met with the Division of Natural Resources (DNR) staff to discuss funding for the well inspection program. The DNR reports that the well inspection program is just one of many important programs that compete for funding. The BOE has been concerned regarding the lack of environmental monitoring well inspection and permitting in addition to the lack of State funding for on-the-ground well inspectors. The CGWA will discuss support for the well inspection program.

Plumbing Board

The DWR proposed a change in wording to the plumbing statute that will clarify that the BOE has authority for any equipment installed up to the shut-off valve after the pressure tank attached to a water well. The Plumbing Board will continue to have jurisdiction over water conditioning equipment.

Future Topics

DWR Report
Well Inspection Program
Well Construction Rules
CDPHE Discharge Permitting

Respectfully submitted by Daniel O. Niemela

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