July 15, 2016 TWG RECAP (DRAFT)

July 15, 2016 – Draft

TWG Meeting Recap
Beaver Run Resort
Breckenridge, CO

Next TWG Meeting:
10 AM, October 7, 2016
Chase Bank Building
333 West Hampden Ave., Englewood, CO 80110

Daniel Niemela, Andy Horn, Tim Harder, Joel Canfield, Fred Rothauge, Matt Sares, Keith Branstetter, Andy Flor, Bruce Heir, David Wilson, Brad Himes, Gene Wagner, Bryan Beckner, Doug Stephenson, Thom Hanna

Moderator for October 2016 Meeting
Gene Wagner

Variance Templates
There was discussion about CWWCA developing boiler-plate forms for common variance requests. The intent is to make it easier for contractors to prepare variance requests and for the BOE and DWR Staff to those requests. Potential variance request forms include gallery wells, septic offset, well vaults, casing and grout. DWR staff will look for some good examples of variance requests. The CWWCA will prepare proposed boiler-plate forms for variance requests and seek input from DWR staff. Ultimately, the forms would be available from the CWWCA website. Use of a variance form will not guarantee approval, which depend on the specific circumstances of each variance request.

Well Inspection Program
It was decided to delay the proposed well inspection funding bill until the next legislative session. One reason for the delay is to develop support from the Water Resource Review Committee.

The number of actual well inspections this year have been similar to last year.

DWR Report
Well permit applications are on track for about 5,000 for 2016. Year to date applications through June 2016 are summarized below.


The Well Construction Rules are approved and will go into effect September 1, 2016. Review of the Licensing Rules will begin in December 2016. The process will be the same as the Well Construction Rules. The same notification list that was used for the Well Construction Rules will be used for the licensing rules.

The DWR is no longer accepting faxes.

The bill to address overlap of authority between Plumbing Board and the Board of Water Well Examiners was not passed. Hopefully, this bill will be passed in the next legislative session.

BOE Meetings
There were problems with Board of Examiners (BOE) meetings falling on or near holidays. The BOE will now meet on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.

Drilling Fluid Additives
The Water Well Construction Rules includes a rule that all drilling fluid additives must be approved by the BOE. The BOE will maintain a list of approved fluids on their website. Approval of fluids should be very streamlined, particularly for NSF-approved fluids. An initial list of all NSF-60 approved additives was summarized by the BOE.

There was discussion about what other fluids should be considered on that list, including well cleaning fluids and fracing fluids. The DWR will discuss with the BOE defining the scope of “drilling fluids” by policy and developing a list of approved cleaning and fracing fluids.

Future Topics
Variance templates
Well inspection program
Drilling Fluid Additives

Respectfully submitted by Daniel O. Niemela

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