TWG Meeting Recap – DRAFT
10 AM, October 7, 2016
Chase Bank Building
333 West Hampden Ave., Englewood, CO 80110

Next TWG Meeting:
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Prior to CWWCA Annual Conference
Crowne Plaza, DIA, Denver, CO
15500 East 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239


Fred Rothauge, Joel Canfield, Joe Meigs, Fred Baros, Andy Horn, Kevin Donegan, Doug Stephenson, Keith Branstetter, Gene Wagner, Brad Himes, Bryan Beckner, Tim Harder, Keith Branstetter

Moderator for January 2017 Meeting

Joel Canfield

DWR Report

Well permit applications and approvals are up about 20-percent from 2015. Below is a partial comparison of 2015 and 2016 permitting:

1/1/15 to 10/8/15 1/1/16 to 9/30/16
Total Applications Received 3,986 4,731
Total All Permits Issued 3,575 4,313
Total New Exempt Permits Issued (includes monitoring wells) 2,422 3,161

Hard copies of the 2016 Water Well Construction Rules are available for $10 from the DWR; $13 with shipping.

BOE Rulemaking process will begin in 2017 for the Rules and Regulations for Administration of Licensing, Financial Responsibility, Continuing Education and Remedial Action. One item that will be addressed is an increase of required bond amount. The process for notification and comments will be similar to the Water Well Construction Rules.

The DWR has made major improvements to their online mapping tools, including well permit locations, well water levels, geology and other information. Look at the lower left-hand corner of the DWR Homepage: “NEW! DWR Map Viewers” and try the “DWR Well Permit Research Viewer.”

Variance Templates

The CWWCA developed an initial variance request template for Infiltration Gallery Wells, Minimum Distance from a Source of Contamination and Minimum Distance to a Well from a Sewer Line, Septic Tank or Other Vessel Containing Contaminants. Comments were received from DWR Staff. The intent of the variance request template is to improve communication between contractors, DWR Staff and the BOE. An additional template will be prepared for Type III minimum grout interval. BOE staff can approve no less than a 10 ft minimum Type III grout interval; the BOE can approve less. The Water Well Construction Rules require grout interval starting at 19 ft depth, and a variance can be approved for a lesser depth, depending on site-specific conditions.

Once the variance templates are complete, they will be hosted on the CWWCA website and introduced at the January 2017 CWWCA Annual Conference.

Well Inspection Program

There is an update in the Fall 2016 Drillstem regarding the well inspection program. CWWCA’s lobbyist has been busy over the summer with the legislature. The focus this summer was getting 6 out of 10 legislators from the Water Resources Review Committee because bills from that committee do not count against the 2-bill sponsorship per legislator. Unfortunately, a majority could not be achieved.

There are currently two field inspectors for the entire State. Currently 10% of wells are inspected, but this is weighted toward Division 3 (San Luis Valley) where 100% of wells are inspected. Representative Arndt has been very supportive of funding for additional well inspectors. Bob Randall is the new Deputy Director of the Division of Natural Resources and may be more supportive of funding additional well inspectors.

Drilling Fluid Additives

The DWR is seeking input for well cleaning, rehab and grouting additives to be approved. The BOE will be reviewing additive approval during the November board meeting. Suppliers, contractors and manufactures should provide data sheets for additives they would like approved to the DWR. Approved additives will be listed on BOE Rules website.

Future Topics

DWR Update
Variance Templates
Discuss BOE Administrative Rules
Well Inspection Program

Respectfully submitted by Daniel O. Niemela

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