January 11, 2017 TWG RECAP (DRAFT)

January 11, 2017 – Draft
TWG Meeting Recap
Crowne Plaza DIA
Denver, CO

Next TWG Meeting:
10:00 – 11:00 AM, April 7, 2017
Basement Conference Room
333 West Hampden Ave.
Englewood, CO


Daniel Niemela, Bryan Beckner, Ken Burk, Keith Branstetter, Bruce Heir, Matt Waller, Mike Temple, David Wilson, Doug Stephenson, Tom Harder, Joe Meigs, Gene Wagner, Andy Horn, Fred Baros

Moderator for January 2017 Meeting:

Gene Wagner

Proposed Moderator for April 2017 Meeting:

Joel Canfield

Improving Communication Between Contractors and Engineers

Dave Wilson suggests training with NGWA to facilitate communication and common set of language for contractors and engineers. Concern is to educate junior engineers and geologists about practical challenges in the field. It was suggested that coordination with colleges and universities could be an avenue to improve communication. It was suggested that CWWCA conferences would be another venue for training.

Well Inspection Program

The CWWCA’s efforts to gain funding for the well inspection program via new legislation has reached an impasse, summarized in the Fall 2016 CWWCA Drillstem. To raise awareness, CWWCA will be working on talking points regarding the well inspection program and a fact sheet that describes the need for Statewide well inspection.

Variance Request Forms

Draft variance request forms for gallery-type wells, Type III aquifer grouting and proximity to source of contamination were circulated for comment. Those forms will be added to the CWWCA website in first quarter 2017. It was requested (following the TWG meeting) that a variance request form for wellhead below grade also be prepared.

DWR Update

Well permit applications during calendar year 2016 totaled 6,189, which is up more than 20% from 2015. New exempt permits during calendar year 2016 were 4,258, which is up nearly 35% from 2015. Permit data are summarized below:

BOE Administrative Rules are being opened for review and revision. Currently, comments are being requested and can be submitted via AskDWR:


You can sign up for notifications regarding Administrative Rules review here: https://www.dwr.state.co.us/OnlineTools/NotificationServices/Login.aspx

The goal is to have a stakeholders meeting during February or March. A topic that may be reviewed is bond amount.

Derek Turner has resigned from the Attorney General’s Office. Emma Shultz is taking over representing the BOE and staff for the Attorney General’s Office.

AQUAMap has been retired. The State’s new Mapview includes most, but not all of the AQUAMap tools. Mapview tools are identified here: http://water.state.co.us/DATAMAPS/GISANDMAPS/MAPVIEWER/Pages/FAQ.aspx

DWR is working on the PLSS to UTM (and vice versa) conversion tools.

It was suggested that the DWR provide a presentation at the CWWCA 2017 Midyear and 2018 annual convention regarding new online tools, such as DWR submittals and Mapview.

Future Topics

Cross-training of contractors, engineers, geologists and suppliers
DWR report
Well inspection program

Respectfully submitted by Daniel O. Niemela


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